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Friday, May 05, 2006

Night of the Living Baseheads

I feel like screaming today "WAKE UP!" You know like in Spike Lee's School Daze.

I am so sick and tired of hearing one of the biggest myths in Hiphop. It is so big that silly rappers are beginning to quote it themselves because they have heard it so much. Where is Davey D? Davey...I know you don't know me like that, however I need you to lend some thoughts on this.

Here is the truth.


Now here is the breakdown.

Shante,or Dipples D did not sound nor act like a dude.
Salt-n-Pepa no, Sweet T, Trouble T, Sugar n Spice, Yo-Yo, JJ Fad, BWA, HWA, Latifah, Ms . Melodie, Lyte (no regardless of what you think), Latifah, Antionette, Real Roxanne,Sparky D, Isis (Lin Que), Queen Mother Rage, Lady Rage (Dr.Dre/Snoop),Nikki D, Michie Mee, Monie Love, Mia X,..etc.... NO it wasn't like that.

Exceptions to the rule: The Boss, Gansta Boo and the Brat ( I would like to add at their time baggy clothes were in or a style see TLC at that time)

The point being is that the majority above did not rock high heels...on stage Kim can claim that , however a few of these sisters were dancing so no, one would not expect them to rock heels.

Some spit raw yes...because they had too. Because one major essence of Hiphop is skills regardless to whom or what. That is why Remy says she spits like she has a d*&c@!

Please do not believe the hype! Yes Lil' Kim and Foxy were the first to get national acclaim delivering raw, sex driven-laced lyrics. (For the record...check out HWA).

But we need to stop lying to ourselves..get off the pipe.

Someone(Davey D...cough (hint)!) needs to write a book on the history of females in hiphop seriously!!! They need it!


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