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Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Doctor is In!

Peace Fam,

It's been a real minute since I have posted on my blog. I am going to strive to be more active on updating.

As I am dusting off my soapbox, I have to fill you in on what I have noticed as of lately. It could be I have just noticed it more as of late. It seems the journalism in particularly in hiphop has taken on a turn of just getting quotes about how "rappers" feel about other "rappers" whether its their actions or comments. I understand asking questions related to certain happenings but for instance to ask Jim Jones how does he feel about Nas's association with the "faux" petition? I mean what is the true purpose of that? We all know by now how jimmy feels about nas and vice versa etc. The only reason you pose a question like that is for the negative reaction and to stir some ish up. Come on people-seriously. And what's worse the rapper actually answering the question? How many times do we have to hear different rappers comment on the Souljah boy
verses Ice T? It could just be the era we are in with finger-tipped media access.
Well whatever it is it's growing out of hand.
Ok my next observation was of the Game in which he showed heartfilled tears regarding
the sad turnout from his peers when asked to contribute to a song for sean bell (rip). It really
moved me and it takes a lot to move me (especially with hiphop/rappers) these dayz. It does fill one with sorrow when you have "certain" so-called "gangsta/hardcore" rappers who will kill a thousand n-words in a minute but run "scared" to rap against police brutality/murder of an INNOCENT man. That is crazy to me-see it's all entertainment folks! I guess that why I find myself drawn to only certain artists and internationl hiphop lately it's at a place where I rather be.....And no I don't mean hiphop with only a message. I am hiphop head-so I enjoy all kinds but I mean mcs who appreciate skills, creativity and beats.
Ok I am done for now...I will update soon. Please feel free to leave your thoughts.
the rare breed (walks again)