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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Master....My mind remains to find all kind ideas self esteem make it seem like the thoughts took years to build..


I know I am late on this one. However I happen to catch Mtv's Greatest of All times. I was some what disappointed. But I can read between the lines. The people in the top five definitely belonged on the top 10 list.

I know it is all a matter of choice and personal opinions etc blah blah. However the number one spot should have went to Rakim. The reason why is because he is the lithmus test. He is the point where before stands an era of the Emcees, and after him stands an era of Emcees. Who can argue this point?

Everyone in the top five,from Jay, Nas, Big, Tupac were all influenced by him. He is a true lyricist. He continuously strives to take creative lyrics to the next level.

See legend has it that every so often one is born to set higher expectations in the game or their realm. These legends set a standard so high that it elevates others to work harder, and to take their craft more serious. MJ did it for basketball, everyone knew they had to bring their A game. That is what Rakim did for Hiphop...he elevated it. That elevation caused Nas, Jay, Big, and Tupac and countless others to take it to the next level.

Mtv you all dropped the ball on this one. But what do I expect from the 6 million dollar machine...

(chuckling to myself as...I ain't no joke plays in the background.)


PS: @Sway I know that wasn't you!

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