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Friday, May 19, 2006

Dirty Harriet...Spit Fire

Say what you want but Rah Digga is one of the hottest spitters out. She is slept on like a Sealy. Well Rah I got your back! In Hiphop with so many opinions about who is hot? So, and so is doper than..the greatest of all time, top five..blah blah.

Rarley in Hiphop does a female name come into play unless it's about how she looks, and her so-called assets. Industry rule: You must have a pretty face to be marketable. I mean no one wants to see a female rap that looks like (Craig Mack) right? We all want to see a beautiful female that rhymes like a first grade reader or a bad actress with a bad script right? Damn the rabbit hole is deep.

Anyway for most people who are the "know", and let me remind you there are always people in the "know". This is not that backpack carrying "know". This is for those that love Hiphop because of it's soul & creativity. Rah"know" in the words of Tupac "you are appreciated."

Ok she needs a new CD like now. A lot of us would love to see Nas & Jayz on a track together. However I think Rah and Remy(on the rocks) need to collabo on a joint.
Busta..Streetsweepers what's up with that?

Storme...the rare breed

Rah Digga
The Harriet Tubman of hip hop has returned baby

[Verse 1]
I be that bitch niggas wantin in the lab
Rhymes comin, rhymes goin like I was a dollar cab
Fingerin the man tryin to tap into his feelings
A misguided soul so aint checkin for the lyrics
Many different players, only one hold the ball
Ghetto fabulous chick, go against the protocol
With the grittiest lingo, still such a little sweetheart
Book educated with a whole lotta street smarts
Follow me now, as I build my fanbases
Makin rappers worry like they got open cases
Harriet Thugman, y'all can see shit through
Like a whole world of people wait for Episode Two
I be the rap purist, the walking hip hop thesaurus
The innovator, spawned from Libra and Taurus
Do away cats with the same ol' whack
Lead a nation up north where the real party at
A place where we spray when our asses get older
No shots in the choke, no gettin pulled over
A place where graffiti aint considered a crime
And your favorirte underrated MC's is primetime
A land good and fruitful, where lyrics free people
Black presidents, and all the weed legal
No rich or poor, we break bread and drink merry
Smoke a little Mary for the real visionaries

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