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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Does Hiphop Need a Messenger?

This is my thoughts regarding the previous article. First the author does feel Hiphop needs a messenger. He feels Hiphop needs someone more in the vein of Tupac.

Well I will say I overall I agree. However I would like to add, Hiphop doesn't need ONE messenger. It needs many. That is one major problem with movements, and leadership. Because once the leader returns to the essence...the movement is lost. There is usually no direction.

One also has to take in account that Hiphop became big business, and once big business stepped into the ring..things have a way of becoming blurred. We know big business in most cases doesn't speak for the people. But rather manipulates the public as consumers for their own pockets & gains.

A lot of people in the Hiphop community feel as though balance needs to be brought back, which I think is essential. There are a lot of "messengers" out there. The only thing is one has to dig to find them. More than likely you will not find them on your local radio or video channel. They do speak to the soul. If any one is speaking truth to power will touch the people, now we know that everyone won't be touched because as humans we are far more complex than that (see book pic above), and some of us are to far lost for that. However I think when it comes to the youth, and the next generation it is never too late to give up. There are "messengers in the making" among us.

We need to think about cultivating the next new "messengers/leaders". People have to find more creative ways to get the "other" messgages out there, and it not just the responsibility of the artists. It includes all of us. The industry insiders, and the knowing public. The ones that are tired of hearing the same old..same old. We have to support,demand and promote balance.

Afterall, if the youth don't know. They just don't know. But the ones that do know need to spread the word, and take action. That may mean even if you purchase one of their cds, go to a concert, donate/volunteer at local Hiphop or arts program in your community.

The article could have been written on how the author misses Tupac(and I miss him too), how Hiphop lost a messenger etc and how he would love to see another dynamic an artist of conviction...oh it was....My bad..I just got a little lost by the extra rant on other present day “conscious"rappers and their messages that he seemed to dismiss. And as for tapping into this generation's anger....I would like to say that this anger has been around for a long a time, passed through generations....,and it's bigger than Hiphop.

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