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Friday, December 08, 2006

Easy Star

Peace Fam, is another one of all-time favorite mcs. This man spits straight flames. You need to check out song "Geneocide" it's crazy, and so true. Shout out to PRT! He is dropping some jewels in the article below ...seriously like Whitney on coke. Check it
I found this on Davey D's site. It is an article by Wise responding to another article that was written about Jay-Z.
Read, think, enjoy
Storme...the rare breed
Who The Hell Am I? Has Jay-Z Outgrown Hip-Hop?
An Intelligent Response…
by Wise Intelligent

This is a very well written, informative, and at the same time, inquisitive article. It reached its goal in provoking the thoughts of its reader, while at the same time inducing the reader with the opinion of the author. The less-observant reader will no doubt be persuaded to think that Hip Hop does not want to see the end result of the struggle (represented by Jay-Z, to the writer), and desires more so to continue in an infinite cycle of purposeless "ballin", "hustlin", and "coming-up!"

However, this is where this journalist and I disagree. Its not that Hip Hop does not want to see anyone fulfill their "dreams," its actually the fact that Hip Hop in its origin, at its root, deeply imbedded in its subconscious lies the precepts of its "original doctrine" which is "ACTIVISM." Hip Hop, like the BPP, CIBI, OAAU, etc., began as a "movement" to empower poor ghetto youth in America and eventually the world, with the result being defined here as the "upward mobility" of the "masses" and not the "individual" alone.

So the writer is correct when he says that "What Jay-Z has become is a dream materialized." But, the "dream" of Hip Hop was to see the "community" in a better place and not just one "nigga." What Jay-Z has achieved is nothing more than the "American-Dream", defined here as "the accumulation of personal wealth solely for the upward mobilization of the individual." This "Amerikkkan Dream" has been achieved by many of "niggas" before Hip Hop was born.

The problem has always been that most of our examples of a "nigga" who "made-it" represented "niggas" who failed to be continuously "ACTIVE" in the struggle of the masses of the people from which they came. Black youth in America at the time of Hip Hop's birth had long since abandoned the futility of the American "Dream" because they had seen so many brothers and sisters "make-it" and, yes, for them, the "struggle stopped!" And this my friends is the reason for the "dis-connect" with Jay-Z, Bill Cosby, Bob Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, and all the other "niggas" who represent the Amerikkkan "dream materialized."

Their is NO active presence of any of these "niggas" in the struggle still confronting the "black-communities" from which they came. So, yes "Jay-Z has more money than you (or he) has ever thought of and can now do things that were out of Hip-Hop’s collective reach." And so does all the other "niggas" on the long list of "niggas" who "made-it!" But, what do they do? They become spokesmen for @#%$ like "anti-Semitism?" I mean, not one of these niggas have ever put their image and likeness at the front of any real campaign to save the black youth of America (who need them more now than ever), the large majority of whom it is a well documented fact; will not see any parts of the "Amerikkkan Dream!" And this is why a line has been, and rightfully so, drawn between what is Hip Hop and what is rap.

With all this wealth and financial knowledge at his disposal, it seems like the only thing the "Jigga-man" has ACTIVE-ly done for the "black-community" with his money is brag, boast, and stunt in the face of 30 million black youth who literally don't have @#%$.

In the same lyrics quoted by this journalist, Jay-Z also speaks constantly of how he can take the next mans girl and "ball-her-out!" Nigga please, I know you can take my girl to Paris? I work an "honest" 9 to 5, I don't sell crack, I'm not a rapper, I like Hip Hop, I'm a fan of Jay-Z, but, must I be beaten over the head with the fact that you're rich and I'm not? In conclusion, I know that this manifest will be given the infamous "player-hater" status. I know that many will quote bullshit slogans like "I can save the world" or "I don't know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is trying to please everyone." But, lets imagine for a minute if Harriet Tubman would have adopted this same selfish position, and after she "made-it" to freedom, or after "achieving" that freedom and realizing her "dream" of being a free-woman, said "I can't save the world" or "I don't know the way to freedom, but the secret to slavery is trying to free others" and went shopping in Paris? Well, she didn't and she knew that she could not "save the world" but believed deeply that she could "save the BLACK WORLD" so she ACTIVELY got involved and organized the "Underground Railroad!" She is the "Poster-Child" for a "sister" who "made-it" to freedom, became the "realization of a dream" but understood that the "dream" was not fulfilled unless it was shared by the "masses." Proper Education Always Counters Exploitation....


The Talented Timothy Taylor "COMING SOON"



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