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Friday, October 13, 2006

Yo Yo - You Can't Play With My Yo Yo

Peace Fam,
Here is another female emcee that made her own way. She rarely gets her credit due. Big Respect to Yo Yo! I heard she is working on some new material. However when it comes to the ladies in the rap game everyone seems to be working on "new material" that either never sees the day of light or it is dropped so quietly that you would have to have bat ears to pick it up on the radar. On a side note..think about who is last female rapper in the game right now that has been heavily promoted? Lil Kim for a hot second then look what happened with her. She is trying to get out that situation right now. I have a feeling Eve may break the cycle with Aftermath/Interscope behind her. MAYBE..(I am saying a big maybe she was last out 5yrs ago)I am waiting to watch the out come on that one. Plus you know the youth have that attention defecit mentality when it comes to music. Anyway I am looking forward to the "brand new intelligent black lady" to spit" the homegirl don't play dat," and bring those dope stories..."every day I send a letter to the pen."
Yeah this goes out to all my black pearls.."ain't nothing wrong with being strong!"

The rare breed

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