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Monday, November 20, 2006

Who gives a f#$k about a goddamn Grammy?

Peace Fam,
I would like to take a moment and say RIP to Ed Bradley, and Gerald Levert. May you continue to live through memories, your families, and your legacies.
Well you may wonder what brings the rare breed out? Is it the stew of new music coming from some of our favorite artists...such as Jay, Snoop, Nas, The Clipse, or The Game? Is it the "new industry" disses coming from Jay vs Jim Jones/Dipset, Jim Jones vs Tony Yayo, Jim Jones vs Nas, Peedi Crack vs Julez Santana, Could it be Lil Wayne wanting to make "peace" with the Juve, BG, and Turk?'s not none of the above. I mean I have given some thought to these things on different levels. However not enough to hit the keyboards. Sometimes I rather build on things that don't get as much "attention." And one of those major things are females in Hiphop. Since I am a female, and I love this culture as a whole, it is a part of me. I am drawn to speak on it. I know it's a quiet time on the front for females in a "commercial" sort of way. However when I read on Sandra Rose, that Remy(and the girl can spit) had basically stated some things about the BET HipHop Awards and their lack of female representation to the media. It made me raise an eyebrow.
First...I have yet to see an award show that proclaims to showcase this it in a organized, balanced way. Some have tried(and you could see their vision) just not well executed, and then there are others whose attempts have fallen so short it's like WTF? That was a waste of time. Think do we see any of the different elements? Do we see any underground emcees represented? Do we see different types of Hiphop such as...hardcore, pop/club, gangsta,jazz, lyricism, conscious, reggae/dancehall-Hiphop, reggatone? Freestyle? What about global recognition? Do we see diplays of graffti artwork blessing the atomophere? Dance battles? Where are the honors for activisim? I mean if the Vibe awards can give an award for best video ho..pardon self I mean vixen then I think we can do better etc... I could go on, and on. Maybe the sh*t is too big to contain in a 3 hour show? I mean these are major corporations that are behind sponsoring these events. And what would we expect from them....wasn't it PE who said it best "Who gives a f#$k about a goddamn grammy?" Not too long ago rappers boycotted some of the award shows.
However Remy has a valid point. She felt damn we have made some headway...right? We have our own award shows, and more than one at that. We have made some progress haven't we? Maybe not when you check it from it's raw form. In music you have males, and females who do this thing called rap, and to not have no representation on stage. That is disgusting. I mean that is basic, basic to the core. Damn the female emcees are not even good enough to hand out an! I mean they need to promote their music/& /face too.
Well Remy I guess they feel you should be thankful that you were in the taped ciphers..just spittin. I mean come on it was a situation where it was a demostration of skills right? Oh by the way I saw some photos of YoYo on the red carpet maybe that counts for something. Let me say I hope she continues to speak on situations like this for all female emcees. Keep reppin' it girl!
The Rare Breed
PS: Shout to Busta for winning "best live" performance. He deserved it, and he said some true things when he won that award!

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