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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Show me the power!

Shout out to Sway! I am proud of this brother, he knows his worth, and walked the walk.

Sway of MTV Steps It Up Big Time


New York, NY- After five years with MTV News, Popular television host Sway Calloway severed ties with the network at the beginning of negotiations back in September of 2005.

"The nature of the contract presented to me did not reflect where I wanted to be professionally with the company at this point in my career," explained Sway. He enjoyed working with such a talented group of individuals. He saw MTV as a wonderful place to nurture his career. He benefited from the creative opportunity MTV provided him, however, Sway had a five-year plan that would increase his decision-making ability with the company. "Once that plan had not come to fruition I decided it was best to walk away. The plan encompassed my development into a company executive being instrumental in the decisions made about today's increasingly expanding music industry. Sway made history with MTV News, with the rise of hip-hop; he also played a vital role in bringing more hip-hop to the network.

Sway came to MTV being an entrepreneur and through natural progression, he wanted to more involved with the company. Some of his entrepreneurial attributes include him and his business partner King Tech being credited for helping launch the careers of Eminem, Chino XL, Nas, WuTang, and many more. They both host radio's renowned Wake Up Show which is syndicated through Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Diego, France, Japan, and other markets, with expanding syndication this year. In addition Sway and King Tech own a record label, Bolo Entertainment with distribution through Universal, they will be releasing Chino XL's solo album first quarter.

After four months of negotiations MTV agreed to be a part of Sway's professional growth. "They stepped up to the plate making MTV my home! It will be a few years before we see the results of this development, however I'm looking forward to the challenge." MTV recognized Sway's need to be more involved and proved to be an equal opportunity company that worked diligently to come to a solution. In addition to being a news correspondent for the network, Sway is officially an executive at MTV with the ability for him and his business partner King Tech to produce programming on MTV and other Viacom channels. Sway is the first TV personality since Carson Daily to negotiate a deal of this magnitude. Sway is extremely happy and people will see him with MTV for many years to come!

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