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Monday, January 09, 2006

Boxing Politricks?

Lately.....I have been really interested in boxing. Don't know why? Please read below.


Don King says Tyson Era officially Over but Judah? King told Radio Station 98.7 kiss in New York that last week he finished paying Mike Tyson the final installment of over 3 million dollars and that he now owes the former champ nothing.The “Tyson era is officially over King declared”.
King said “I was making Mike Tyson millons of dollars but he wanted to listen to his associates and go elsewhere so now we have parted ways and we can handle our business seperately. Its a shame cause we both from the streets and came from nothing but I wish him luck.”

Tyson’s middleweight protege Zab Judah is also now expressing concern over Don King in his life and personally called King a “mother*uc%er” this past week. Zab Judah on Saturday night blew a $5-million showdown against Floyd Mayweather by losing a unanimous decision, and his WBC welterweight title, to Carlos Baldomir of Argentina, a 25-1 underdog .

By contrast, Judah’s promoter was upbeat. “I think that’s on ho-o-o-old,” Don King said when asked about the status of the Judah-Mayweather fight. ” Now Zab will have to redouble his efforts, dust himself off, and find a way back up there.”

After the bout, Judah’s camp charged King with having more than a passing influence on the outcome of the fight. “They took the fight from us,” said Yoel Judah, Zab’s father and manager-trainer. “Look, we been having a bad time with Don, a bad week, and you saw what happened. It was a setup.”

King laughed off the charges. “Let ‘em blame me, everybody else does. The Johnstown flood, World War II, the Lindbergh kidnapping, they all blame me. It was a great night of boxing, so blame me for that, too.”

The first person to call Zab Judah on Saturday night after he had blown his $5-million showdown against Floyd Mayweather was Mayweather himself.Who watched in the same shock and horror as the Theater at Madison Square Garden crowd as the Brooklyn-born Judah lost in front of hometown fans. Somehow, Mayweather wasn’t angry, but supportive. “He said what happened tonight was crazy,” Judah said. “He said, ‘You fought good. You’re still a champ, hold your head up.’”

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