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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wow is it that serious?!

Peace Fam,
Summer is around the corner. I have a little more time to spare and decided what would make me sweep off the soapbox. Mmmmm well if you remember my previous post. I spoke on how Nicki Minaj is not Hiphop's female saviour. I still think this true (It should never be one saviour of anything. Haven't we learned these lessons from history?!) however, with all the windy hate in the air. I started to catch a chill from the coldness and felt the need to somewhat defend the sister. This seems like its going to be one cold summer. So let me put on the leather, hat, and glove up like an eskimo because some of yall are frozen, stuck in a mindset. For the record my personal opinion I think her earlier work > then current work so far. No she is not L-Boogie, or Rah Digga but her lyrics are not totally toliet items either. I have heard worse. However she has found a niche with a character-created persona and it is what it is. First a lot of artists "remake" themselves its sort of part of the business. I mean has anybody checked Lady Ga-Ga before she was "Lady Ga-Ga." And there are numerous male rappers who have created and are characters on the microphone or switched their styles up. People are focusing hard on Nicki now because she is number one in the mainstream spotlight. As you all know I always argue for balance. So there is room for Nicki, room for Remy, room for Jean G, room for Trina, room for Kim, Foxy, and the future-yet to be named female mcs etc...well you catch my drift. Hiphop has enough space for the silly, sexy, and smart female rapper. Are you not tired of Hiphop wrapped in a neat box? You should be able to have variety on your playlist. Is it her fault because she wants success? Is it her fault there happens to be a formula mixed with the right timing that can equal success? In our society most people want to be successful in whatever field or career they choose. I know its unfair a lot UNTALENTED strands make it through our "modern fast-made celeb" industry. You can drive up and order a combo of poorly developed artists, beats, songs and mistake it for a quality meal. Well thats if you are starving or you never ate at five-star restaurant or had a delicious home-cooked healthy meal made of love. Yeah you could easily mistake the fake for something real...only to end up sick later. You have to fast from that garbage, exercise your mind and musical taste. Get your azzes out there and demand and BUY quality music or at least a VARIETY of music damn. Also are you not tired of some of these so-called Hiphop journalist asking every female about Nicki? Now I understand Hiphop is about competition at its core and when you are the person on top you have all kinds of people gunning for you. And I think that maybe the reason for the early winter in Malibu for Ms. Barbie. However its so sad when there's little meat in the pot for the wolves to go after. It makes the female rap game that more desperate and pitiful looking. The females should be making alliances and going for broke then once the pot is full enough go for it. We got to do better.
One love,

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