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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just like a Jumbo, People Fiend......

A lot of times when I reflect on Hiphop, I have to ask myself about the contributions females have made to the game.

Seriously Roxanne Shante is one of those females that made her mark. Her attitude is what gave birth to a lil Kim or Foxy type of attitude. She brought that I am dissing everybody because I know I am the sh* what? She added a touch of glam with the furs, and jewels.

Some of these females today need a swagger. However the swagger needs to be backed up with talent. They have to create their own essence as this is my persona to make the people believe. It doesn't have to be stuck up...but there has to be a presence that is there beyond marketing because marketing can only go so far.

Are there any female emcees out there that have a true love for this anymore? Because I only get the vibe from a few.

For example when I hear Nas, Jay-z, Meth, Fat Joe, Jada,Busta and others build on the music in general I hear and feel how they are true fans of Hiphop...however I rarely feel that from some female emcees.

Maybe it is just me...I will have to think on this more.


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