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Friday, April 28, 2006

Your eyes sparkle just like glass in the Sun....

Ghostface aka Ironman aka Tony Starks aka Pretty Tony

I was skating this web thing. I hit up one of my usually spots which was When on their pages were reflections of one of my favorite flavorful mcs Mr Tony Starks.

I begin to think...just seeing him made me think back like yeah...sometimes we do want that old thing back. Whether he is flipping colorful verbals like a peacock doing gymnastics over tracks or flashing dookie ropes & wonder woman bracelets. He is one of those mcs that take you there, and for anyone who loves Hiphop, should know what I mean by take you there. You can tell he truly loves this artform from the heart. He is a true fan of the music himself.

I know we can not go back to those exact times and moments..however energy is never truly destroyed it just changes it's form. Ok I had to get that out.

We love you Ghost, and the whole WU!!!!


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